The type of water damage sustained will determine the steps that need to be taken to restore the property.  The Weatherguard water mitigation team will formulate a plan specifically designed for the type and extent of the damage.

  1. “Clean” water damage – “Clean” water spills/leaks are typically caused by roof leaks, tub overflows, broken pipes and other water sources that do not pose a health hazard.  Water extraction, dehumidification and other specialized extraction units are used for this type of clean-up.
  2. “Gray” water damage – “Gray” water comes from sources that may carry contamination.  Such sources might include (but are not limited to):  Washing machine overflows, toilet overflows, waterbed leaks, or even “clean” water spills that have been neglected.  When cleaning up “gray” water, protective gear is worn and precautions are taken and the affected areas are sanitized.
  3. “Black” water damage – This is the most dangerous type of water damage.  “Black” water is contaminated and can cause illness and even death.  “Black” water clean-up should always be done immediately and should be handled by trained professionals with specialized equipment.